Organism Design

By experts in organism design, not just software engineers.

Production Metabolism 2.0

We design production pathways for any biological chassis. Our methodology links growth and production to evolve highly refined streamlined strains for fermentors. Decrease your conversion time, increase your yield, and avoid costly side-products. We can help turn your production strain into a new life-form, optimized for your industrial setup.


Machine Learning

With a rational approach to data and design of experiments.

Intelligent Robotic Labs 

We use machine learning and integrated data feedback for automated strain engineering and testing. Our proprietary methods for assay and selection add increased efficiency to match high-throughput robotic capacity. We can help you select streamlined strains from more than 10 Billion different metabolisms and can reduce unwanted complexity in your strain by 90%. 

The right decisions

Data reduction before you run the experiments. Less work, more success.

Tired of screening haystacks?

Stop trying to put a bigger engine in your old chassis. Optimize organism metabolism to deliver more carbon to your pathway directly. Understand the limitations on your system with precise feedback on metabolic rates, theoretical yields, and growth costs. We know you pay for the sugar you feed your strains, we want you to get every penny of value back in your product.  

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